Run Better To Improve People’s Life By Adopting IoTZen

Connect Things in action for instant visualisation of information and data for actionable intelligence. A modern truly digital IoT platform - IoTZen integrates upstream & downstream business processes and all your edge devices and systems to create end-to-end ecosystem.


New devices with IoT Zen platform for edge analytics & view results instantaneously


AI/ML mathematical models, improvise & validate business rule engine


Business processes and applications to create end-to-end holistic solution for the enterprise


Real-time interactive dashboard for BPM, operation and performance monitoring



Delivery Management System

Real-time temperature controlled visibility, traceability and safety during the delivery management process. ZenDMS delivery management software gives 360 degree view of each & every stages in your supply chain distribution and fulfillment. An IoT enabled cloud based platform to manage delivery, including its conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, spiligate, etc.

First, Middle & Last Mile Delivery

ZenDMS Benefits

  • Close-loop AI based automation
  • Better route planning & asset utilization
  • Operational efficiency on your SCM network
  • Product consistency, quality & compliances
  • Industry compliances
  • Improve Customer Experience

    Delivery Management Solution

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Order Management System

Automatically process and executes orders from multi-channel source in a single dashboard. ZenCore AI engine auto checks in-store or warehouse / processing center (PC) stocks, availability, allocate and assign logistics, including 3PLs provider. ZenCore platform allows to retrieve orders in case require changes, validate, notify status such as accepted, picked-up, in-progress and delivered.

Manage All Orders from
A single Dashboard

Customer Order Execution

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IoTZen Applications

Application Built on top of Iot Zen Platform


Next-generation IoT enabled digital supply chain management (SCM) solution for operational excellence, cold-chain delivery, distribution, optimized route plan and dynamic demand fulfillment.


Large fleet opearation and management; Where is what, What is happening now, May happen and Need to be done next. An in-built capability and rich visualization for safe, secure & efficient mobility and transportation experience.


A single interface for an omni-channel order management, automatically process and execute orders, including, various checks and real-time status updates.


AI based Video Analytics platform for multiple usecase, such as access, attendance, security, surveillance & controls. Automatically reorganize objects, defects, deficiency, abnormality and possible gaps during production & operation.


Digital car key (DCK) for medium to large fleet operation and management. Encrypted robust digital key can be allocate, revoke and return to/from driver remotely.

Zen i-Bay

Automatically inspect vehicle vital data and identify accessories for compliance requirements before & after service-run, ensuring health of vehicle, safety, security of passenger & goods.

IoTZen Benefits

Business Benefits

  • AI based smart data driven Decision-Making
  • Business insights for proactivity & accuracy
  • Helps in enhance operational efficiency
  • Accomplishes your mission statement
  • Optimize & improves customer experience

Operational Benefits

  • Delivers relevant products and solutions
  • Live updates with interactive Dashboard
  • Machine learning mitigates risk & manual errors
  • Availability of Data as soon as Transactions happen
  • Improve performance actionable intelligence

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